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Executive Recruitment

Connecting Brands with Executive Talent

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Executive Recruitment


There is no greater impact to an organization than exceptional talent.  

Executive Recruitment:

At Kumabe HR, we understand talent.  We are able to embrace strategy, cutting-edge technology and an expansive local and national network to conduct your executive search process.  We offer the most innovative approach to executive search in Hawaii.  

All of our consultants have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, as well as an extensive community and business expertise which allows us to quickly get up to speed with our client’s business needs from a financial, strategic, and operational lens.  This allows us to share your opportunity with our qualified candidates that align with your needs and your culture.  We have an unrivaled access to exceptional candidates. 

We present you with solid options to solve your talent leadership needs.  We identify the specific competencies that you are searching for and overlay this with the executive profile.  We partner with firms that host best practices and where we ourselves feel comfortable recommending their organizations to our candidates.  Our list of client companies demonstrates the caliber of firms that we align with.


Our candidates appreciate our elaborate career expertise and interview preparation commitment.  Whether you are a top executive, aspiring leader, or high potential candidate, we can find the right consultant to work with you on mapping out your career plans.  We also place a very high priority on keeping your interests extremely confidential.

Retained Searches:

We are able to function at the highest level of executive search as we partner with Boards and  Executives on an exclusive basis to identify talent.  We provide guidance on all phases of the process and can include the following areas:

·         Determine Search Strategy
·         Produce and Execute Timeline Process
·         Explore Succession Planning/Internal Options
·         Provide External Talent Scan
·         Advise Best Practices

As a representative of your organization, we treat every candidate with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality throughout the process.