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Human Resource Solutions

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HR Consulting



KumabeHR was developed as a response to a tremendous need for executive level Human Resource expertise in Hawaii organizations spanning the non-profit and private sectors. Business leaders concur that the management of human resources is critical to the success of any organization and KumabeHR provides state of the art Human Resource solutions from a menu of human resource applications that suit the directives of the leadership. Rather than another consulting arrangement, KumabeHR becomes a part of the organization to best enhance the understanding and delivery of HR tools.

Human Resources Administration and Services

Managing your HR processes can prove to be a wearing and complicated undertaking. Hiring and developing the knowledge and expertise required to manage these tasks on a day-to-day basis can be costly and will likely keep you from focusing on what you do best—running and maintaining alignment with your organization’s mission and values.

Let Kumabe HR serve as your most trusted HR advisor by offering consultative solutions in the areas of best practices, talent acquisition, compliance with applicable laws, training and development, and a number of other areas. We help you manage your client relationship needs—an arrangement that will deliver immediate and reliable results.

Human Resource Practitioner

A trusted Human Resource Practitioner available to deliver guidance on day-to-day HR-related tasks to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations.

Comprehensive Menu of Services

A Comprehensive Menu of Services featuring the highest levels of customized HR consulting services—available locally and with quick response time.