Kumabe HR
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Candidate Testimonials


Kumabe HR is a great staffing agency, especially within the unique culture of Hawaii. The staff are genuine and put great effort into setting the best match. Kumabe HR approaches people as advisors, rather than strangers. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this staffing agency over other staffing agencies in Hawaii.
— Megan Cagasan
Kumabe HR gave me the opportunity to learn more about the different companies in Hawaii and helped me gain the experience I needed to move up in my career.
— Jeness Salcedo
My experience with Kumabe HR has been phenomenal in every sense — polished and efficient service; dedicated and professional staff; and most of all, the feature that defines this agency as unique among the rest, an immense interest and commitment to the individual and how the agency can aid the individual to realize his/her career aspirations through their services.  The level of satisfaction I have experienced working with Kumabe HR is unparalleled and I would strongly recommend their services.
— Sonya KUKI
They were always there when you needed them and were really great at finding a job that matched my goals/interests.
— Eddie Franklin
The staff at Kumabe HR really took the time to work with me and always ensured that they found a position that fit my qualifications and interests. During the time that I have been working with Kumabe HR, I feel like I have gained an extended ohana. The entire staff sincerely cared about me, as well as my career interests and goals. I really appreciated that they were always diligent about answering any questions that I had and always very encouraging. Recently, after being assigned a temporary position for a month, the position was converted into a permanent one. I couldn’t be happier! I am enjoying the work that I do and am so grateful to each and every person at Kumabe HR for this opportunity!
— Taryn Nishijo
Everyone is very easy to talk to and all the staff were so efficient.
— Dennis San Andres